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Let's waste time...

Gabe's Journal

let's waste time...

BIO: Hi, I'm Gabe, also known as Gabriel but you can call me both. I'm your typical Arizonian and was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have lived in England, as well as Pennsylvania.This journal contains icons, banners, tutorials, and much more. Most of my inspiration for my graphics come from movies, fashion, and the beauty of nature. I created and maintain haydenpicontest.

LOVE: chocolate. photoshop addict. hayden panettiere. music. TV. icons. avril lavigne. europe. life's simple pleasures. dogs. sports.

Graphic Posts: Open
Personal/Random Posts: Locked
Although this journal is mainly a graphics journal, I will make some personal and random entries once in a while. If you would like to see non-graphics posts, please comment
here and I might add you back :)

1. Credit. Always credit gabez_iconz. Not sure how to? Click here.
2. Comment. Comments are greatly appreciated and really make my day.
3. Do not modify/steal/claim as your own work.
4. Do not hotlink!
5. Feel free to friend me for updates :)

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