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icon update ideas

Hello there LJ friends! I'm in the process of making a new icon batch, but I'm in need of some ideas. It would be really helpful and kind of you if you could give me some suggestions. I'm definately making stock icons, but you can suggest what kinds of stock images you would like, i.e roses. And try to be specific, just saying 'celebrities' or 'movies' doesn't really help.

Also, what kind of banners would you like me to make? I'm going to make some Friends Only banners and maybe some profile banners. Thanks in advance for any feedback, any ideas are greatly appreciated!

PS: If you like one of my icons and want a tutorial for it, just request it here and I might make a tutorial for it :) And Challenge #2 at haydenpicontest has been extended, so feel free to enter, you have until next Friday!
Tags: icon suggestions, random

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